Rincon ta on

Drive, hike, bike and dive to discover Rincon, the oldest town of the Dutch Caribbean.

We created this board game because, as immigrants and parents, we wanted our daughters to learn about the cultural richness and natural beauties of Rincon, the oldest town of Bonaire and the Dutch Caribbean. As we always say: “You cannot love what you don’t know”, and with this game you can get to know and love Rincon.

Rincon TA ON

Drive, hike, bike and dive to discover Rincon, the oldest town of the Dutch Caribbean.

2-5 players 45 min 9+ Strategic thinking, resource management and a bit of diplomacy.
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on Bonaire

The game

“Rincon ta On” is an exploring competition: you will drive, hike, bike and dive to accomplish your missions and discover what Rincon has to offer. But be careful, a scary ghost is on the loose, and may be looking for you.
This board game is perfect for residents and tourists, easy to learn and fun to play.

The map

When making this board game the map was the first and most important element in our minds.
We tried to see Rincon as if we were children seeing this town for the first time, making unusual things like windmills or turtles gigantic in our memory of the place. We are proud of the result, and we hope it speaks to the child in you.

Your Route

Each player has a route card with 6 missions, each one a combination of a destination and a resource; you got to get to a specific place in the map and have the correct Resource Card.
The first player to achieve his/her 6 missions wins and must be recognized by the other players as the Queen or King of Rincon. There is room for only one winner in this game; will it be you, your highness?

Destination card

Each time you accomplish a mission you receive a destination card. These cards have a picture of an interesting feature of Rincon, be it a place, a tradition or a story. It is in these cards where you actually discover Rincon, and share it with the other players.

Resource cards

These help you accomplish missions, enter restricted paths, move faster or make it harder for others to win. There are 3 types of resources:

  1. Mission Resources (Guide, Cellphone and ticket): Needed to accomplish the missions on the route cards.
  2. Adventure Resources (Dive gear, hiking boots, and bicycle): You need these resources to enter the restricted paths on the map.
  3. Special Resources (Avis, Magnet, Joker and Pirate): They can substitute resources, help you move faster and even steal resources from other players.

The Ghost

Every place has ghost stories, and on Bonaire there are several of them with one element in common: the ghost knocks you out and you wake up hours later somewhere else on the island. We honored this piece of folklore in our board game, but here the ghost is real, and is inside the other players, beware!


Designers: Fernando Nava, Vanessa Peralta, Ágata Nava
Art: Giordano Casanova
Photography: Elis Ramirez and Juan Carlos Riveros
In the tube: 1 Neoprene mat, 6 Meeples, 60 cubes, 6 route cards, 30 destination cards, 31 resource cards and 1 dice.