Bonairean Masks

In “Bonairean Masks” you are the artist. Imagine and create your own design and color the masks.

I create my own Bonairean Masks

In 2020 we created this book of masks inspired by Bonaerian motives. Vanessa painted the 8 masks inspired by local animals, the flag of Rincon and the flag of Bonaire. Then she took these watercolors and turned them into a coloring book of masks, for kids and adults to create their own Bonaerian masks.
Currently the book is only available on Pdf form, and 50% of the profits of its sales will be donated to the food bank of Bonaire.

Bonairean Masks

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8 Masks to color 20 min 4+ Develops fine motor skills, encourages self expression.
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on Bonaire

Unleash your inner artist

In this “Bonairean Masks” coloring book, you are the artist. Imagine and create your own design and color the masks. You can glue materials like leaves, sand or fabric and paint them to create amazing textures. You can also cut and glue colored pieces of papers from old magazines.

Learn something new

We add a learning “Side-effect” to our products. In this book we’ve written the names of the animals in the 4 languages spoken on Bonaire: Papiamento, Dutch, English and Spanish. We also encourage you to research the animals online so you can see their natural beauty and use it as inspiration. Finally, we added 2 masks inspired on the flags of Bonaire and Rincon, with an explanation of their symbolism.

We hope you love this book, and that you learn about our animals and flags of Bonaire