Saviors of Kimeria

The planet of Kimeria needs your help to un-extinct their animals? Can you get the right DNA before the portal closes?

We wanted our daughters to learn the names of animals from Bonaire, but we wanted that learning to be fun and engaging. Then it hit us, we needed a story in which the kids could be the heroes. What if there was an alien planet that needed the help of the kids of Bonaire to re-create their fauna? What if our kids could become the Saviors of Kimeria?

Saviors of Kimeria

The planet of Kimeria needs your help to un-extinct their animals? Can you get the right DNA before the portal closes?

2-7 players 20 min 5+ Visual identification, communication and a working under pressure.
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on Bonaire

Can you save Kimeria?

Saviors of Kimeria – Bonaire Squad is a fast cooperative board game with a learning side-effect.
Kimeria is a distant planet similar to ours, but Kimerians polluted the planet so much that all their animals, called Kimeras, died. They have now cleaned up the planet and are trying to bring their Kimeras back to life, but to accomplish that they need to combine DNA from different animals.
Kimerians searched all over the galaxy and discovered that the island of Bonaire has the animals with the DNA needed to help them un-extinct their fauna.

We included a sand timer, but if you want some added stress you can download our video-timer and play it on any smart device.

The Portal

Dr. Maganda, a Kimerian Scientist, created a Warp Portal connecting Kimeria and Bonaire, but it collapses after 30 seconds, and it can only help recreating one Kimera at a time.
In those 30 seconds:

  1. The Portal send you a picture of the Kimera.
  2. The players together identify which Bonaerian animals are mixed in the Kimera.
  3. The players put the cards representing those animals in the portal.
No pressure, right?

“BATMINGO: This is the most elegant creature of Kimeria. The Batmingo only eats red and white stink bugs, which gives it its nice pink color, and quite a bad breath.”

The Kimeras

The Kimeras are the animals of planet Kimeria. There are 16 of them, and each Kimera is a combination of 2, 3 or 4 animals from Bonaire.

Find the right DNA

There are 27 animal cards representing fauna from Bonaire. To recreate the Kimeras you need to combine the right DNA, meaning the correct animal cards. Some animals are present in only one Kimera, while other are present in many of them. Each card contains a picture of the animal and its name in English and Papiamento (and Kimerian, of course).


Designers: Fernando Nava, Vanessa Peralta, Ágata Nava
Art: Giordano Casanova
Photography: Many different photographers collaborated on this Project, please check their names in “acknowledgment” section of the rule book, you can download the Pdf below.
In the tube: 1 Neoprene mat, 16 Kimera Tokens, 27 animal cards, The sand timer.